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Shravan Kambam, M.D. discovered the source material behind Remember the Roses many years ago as a child travelling through India. A board certified Radiation Oncologist, Shravan hopes to one day guide the compelling project to light as he did Stevie Long's Strictly Sexual (A Love Story), a romantic comedy ala HBO's Sex and the City that was released in 2007 by Cinetic Rights Management and has since struck a chord amongst young women in becoming the third most watched "romance" title on Netflix and the most watched film across all genres on the NBC/CBS/Fox-affiliate
David Kohner Zuckerman is a Hollywood Producer whose latest feature Strictly Sexual has become an indie favorite and is currently the most watched feature film of all-time on His latest MOW, All I Want for Christmas, was very successful for the Hallmark Channel, and he has served as a producer on the films Catalina Trust, Chump Change (Miramax) and Caught in the Act (Lifetime). For many years, David was Head of Development for Silver Lion Films, where he worked on such movies as Man on Fire and Crocodile Dundee in L.A. David is also an optioned screenwriter, a published fiction writer, and a frequent contributor to magazines such as Writer and Soma. Additionally, he is president of both and
Shamim Sarif is an acclaimed British novelist and screenwriter, who directed her first feature film in the summer of 2006, I Can’t Think Straight.  Shamim is wonderfully adept at creating worlds where everyday people show themselves to be exceptional.  Her first novel, The World Unseen, was published in 2001 to huge critical acclaim, winning both The Pendleton May First Novel Award, and the prestigious Betty Trask Award.  Adapted by Shamim into a screenplay, TWU is in production in South Africa with her directing.  Shamim's most recent novel, Despite the Falling Snow, is being produced by Enlightenment Productions, in association with Jim Lemley (Braveheart) and with Kevin Reynolds (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) directing.  When Remember the Roses found it's way to her, it was truly love at first sight.  To learn more about Shamim, please click here.
Stevie Long is one of Hollywood's rising stars. He has written for many major studio films such as the hugely successful Warner Brothers comedy feature Starsky and Hutch starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. In the world of television, Stevie was a writer/producer on HBO's The Mind of the Married Man. He is an extremely versatile talent who currently has various other scripts in development with major production companies in Hollywood. Stevie was eager to help develop Remember the Roses because of his fascination with three subjects: World War II, the supernatural, and strong female protagonists.
Avery Brown's short story Remember the Roses (c.1967) was the inspiration for the script. Avery is the author of eleven novels, and she has written frequently for newspapers as a columnist. Avery currently resides in Caboolture on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast where she teaches creative writing.


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