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Remember the Roses is a multi-layered, high concept story that will change the way movies are made in Hollywood by setting a precedent in it's ability to cross demographics like never before, both domestically and internationally. Analyzing the top money-making films worldwide, blueprint similarities to Remember the Roses exist.

  • High Concept Storyline
  • Historically-Anchored Setting
  • Expansive Epic Storyline
  • Action and Romance
  • Supernatural Elements
  • Sixth Sense Ending = Repeat Viewing
Resembling some of the most profitable Hollywood films with it's deceptively low production costs and high production value, Remember the Roses is an excellent business model. The financing strategy will involve the securement of the production budget primarily through private equity committment. By then leveraging talent and U.S. distributor interest, we will be able to close financing through pre-selling international distribution rights in selective territories, thereby diffusing the the risk associated with larger budgeted films, while maintaining the explosive profit potential relating to the high production value of the project.


A high-profile star and/or director will prove critical to our financing strategy. In late 2017, we will be seeking the ability to make offers to international pre-sale stars. Once we have a superstar on board, the rest will fall into place fairly quickly. Some of the major actors we are considering for Robert include Russell Crowe, Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, Clive Owen, Colin Farrell, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Christian Bale, and Hugh Jackman. Actresses for Jehane include Angelina Jolie, Marion Cotillard, Eva Green, Jennifer Connelly, Keira Natalie Portman, and Kate Beckinsale.


Eastern Europe is increasingly becoming the location of choice for more and more Hollywood film productions. With two major studio complexes, a wide range of locations and some of Europe's cheapest labor costs, Romania in particular is drawing an ever-growing number of foreign productions. In fact, since Anthony Minghella shot the $83 million-budgeted 2003 drama Cold Mountain outside Bucharest at Castel Film Studios in 2002, the nation has not been the same vis-a-vis international filmmaking.

Remember the Roses is naturally suited for a Romanian production for multiple reasons. While there are no formal government-backed tax incentives (as with the U.K, Canada, etc.), the inexpensive labor and construction costs in Romania makes the country ideal for a production like Remember the Roses which can be filmed almost entirely on a studio soundstage and backlot through scale set construction. It is estimated that the average cost of feature production is 40-60% lower in Romania than in the U.K. and as much as 70% lower there than in the U.S., but with a project like Remember the Roses, the savings could exceed 90%. Further, the country’s beautiful, unspoiled landscapes lend authenticity to the exterior settings of WWII France, making it a perfect location.

To secure their risk, producers often sell off selective distribution rights to their films before production. International pre-sales can generally cover roughly 15-50% of a film’s budget, but they also serve as collateral for banks to fund the gap.

The financial model for Remember the Roses will involve private equity financing in combination with pre-selling the film in a few selective foreign markets.


Remember the Roses lends itself to various merchandising schemes. The historical settings, the supernatural elements, and the good-versus-evil scenario will prove a terrific set-up for multi-media licensing of games and action-figures, just to name two possibilities.



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