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As World War II hangs in the balance, only the past can save the future.


In 1933 Berlin as the Nazi party threatens to gain control of Germany, an idealistic American teenager named "Robert" witnesses the murder of his crippled father as the older man attempts to save an outspoken French diplomat named "Sennet" from the Nazis.

It's now ten years later, and Robert, a top Allied Special Operations agent, is forced to confront the nightmares of his past. The Nazis have captured a man entrusted by the Allies with detailed knowledge of the imminent D-Day landings... Sennet... now the leader of the French Underground in Northern France. Held in an ancient castle converted into a Gestapo stronghold, it's only a matter of time before the defiant Frenchman breaks under the brutality of the Gestapo. As the outcome of WWII hangs in the balance, Robert is once more called upon by Allied High Command to infiltrate the Gestapo stronghold and "silence" Sennet before he talks... to save the course of humanity...

Only Robert is a man who has lost faith in everything, ironically, from his horrific experiences in the war. Airdropped into an outlying cemetery in Rouen, Robert falls into a Nazi trap but is saved by a mysterious young French woman named "Jehane." Though no one in the Underground recognizes Jehane or believes her story of once being held as a prisoner inside Rouen Castle, Robert is attracted to her transcendental faith, beauty, and conviction. Promising him an unknown way into the castle, Jehane guides Robert through Nazi-infested Rouen by using underground sewers, abandoned churches, and crypts.

But as Robert eventually infiltrates the castle's defenses, he falls victim to a shocking betrayal that leaves him alone to reevaluate everything he believes in as he risks the outcome of the war to trust the woman he has fallen in love with... only to realize that Jehane may never have existed...

Remember the Roses is a story for all of us... about finding salvation when all seems lost... and being inspired to believe again.


My name is Dr. Shravan Kambam. As the driving force behind the development of Remember the Roses,
I want to share with you "the story behind the story" of this inspiring project.

About fifteen years ago while traveling in India, I came across an old book of short stories being read by the school children there. One particular story titled Remember the Roses , originally published in Europe in 1967, sent icy chills through my spine like I had never ever experienced before. I knew right away that it had to be one of the greatest short stories ever written - and the perfect setup for a blockbuster film.

Unfortunately the book was decaying and the last page revealing the original publishers of all of the short stories was unreadable. Oddly, to my investigation, no mention of either the story title or the author could be found anywhere. The only certainties were that the name of the author, "Avery Taylor," was printed on the first page of the short story and that most of the short stories in the book seemed to be early 20th century works by British and Indian authors long since gone.

But as the years passed, the story never left me; I was haunted by it...I spent several months writing letters to British publishers and literary societies searching for Avery to no avail. Eventually, I learned that the publishing house of the book had shut down years earlier and the book I had read was unauthorized. When I had all but given up hope, I received a response from an author's society in England stating that they indeed had the record of the author as she was a member of their society many years earlier. They thankfully had an old address in England - but one which they would not reveal to me. Instead my inquiry was forwarded to the old contact address and from there to a small Australian town.

Fifteen years after reading the original short story in a pirated book in rural India, after an extensive search involving months of efforts, I finally located the wonderful British author. Upon contacting Avery, I learned that after writing the original published story, she married and emigrated to Australia with her husband's surname. The journey to bring the story to the silver screen intertwined with my own journey as a young man struggling to find himself in the world. As I fought through the grueling medical training years of my life, I simultaneously led the development of Remember the Roses. My life drifted between days in hospital wards and nights in Nazi occupied WWII France, where I shared the desperate plight and emotions of my characters.

M. Night Shyamalan introduced a unique structure in popular film which catapulted his Sixth Sense into huge worldwide grosses. Remember the Roses has evolved this structure to the next level by weaving into it a booming high concept idea. Developed to capture maximal viewer demographics, the international marketability and multimedia value of this concept is tremendous... especially so under the climate of current world politics.

I sometimes wonder if my journey to find Avery was something more than just luck, but somehow an inspiration.



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